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I choked on a monster sob

I was with my brother today going on a walk. We decided to stop by a servo and get a monster each ! We were messing around on my phone and I was laughing a lot - problem is I was also drinking and well the drink went down the wrong hole 😭 but for some reason it started to fizz and foam like if you shook up a coke bottle ?!!? 

Sooooo there I am I spat out whatever was still in my mouth, I have monster coming out of my nose I'm trying to cough but I'm still laughing and like i've literally fallen to the floor on my knees and my brother is just standing there shocked but laughing and asking if i'm okae 😭 and im just like IM LAUGHING OW IT HURTS I CANT BREATHE between laughing that sounded like crying and coughing I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE !! it was so scary but so funny 😭

~ Kat

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