when did you realize you're a scene/emo kid? (btw i love all you guys sm<3<3)

okay so like i recently found out about this but omg this website is literally so cool i literally love all you scene/emo kids you guys are literal freaking ICONSSSS!!!

1. how did you realize you're a scene/emo kid and when

also whats your fav song?

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wren </3

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ab 2 years ago, and i was pretty scene but bullied out of it :( i dressed “normal” 4 like 7 months but then i realized i don’t gaf what other peoplez think of me so i started dressing scene again x3 my fav song is probably either liar by bikini kill or bulletproof luv by ptv!!!!!!!

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i realized i was emo when i discovered mcr, paramore n silverstein in 2020. however i started dressing scemo i think around a year ago.

my fav song atm is mercy me by alkaline trio. ^_^

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Circa 2021: Discovered The Medic Droid - Fer Sure via the comment section of zero 2 euro's remix of 100 gecs - hand crushed by a mallet and my music/fashion sense has been utter crap ever since <3

As for my favorite song. . . BOTDF - Sexting is a musical masterwork. The pinnacle of neon techno rave trance motherfuckery right there, yessir!!

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uhhhhh i kinda always listened 2 the music n stuff like that but i started "dressing" more scemo ab a month ago :3 also my fav song atm is ambrosia by alesana anddd anything by brokencyde :3

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