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how two songs repeatedly moved my soul

heyyyy~i'm back~ :D

new blog guys, and this time, it's a music blog. 

today i was doing my homework and came across the silent hill 3 soundtrack and bjӧrk's "homogenic" album on spotify. i always had these two albums on repeat: on the car, during lunch, on the way home from school, and sometimes, when i sleep. 

i have a lot of other albums that i adore to the end, whether it's kpop or trance music, but there's something about these two songs that hit me right in the feels. 

okay...i said my peace.

because i didn't want to talk so much, here are the two songs:

1. bjork: jóga (homogenic, 1997)

Björk - Homogenic | Releases | Discogs

bjork is one of my all-time favourite artists, and i only started listening to her songs not too long ago. this, as well as vespertine, is my favourite album from bjork, and homogenic is a song that brings out a lot of unexplainable emotions kept locked in my head. 

and who doesn't love the string orchestra in the beginning of the song??? it feels like i'm in a different universe!

"Joga," named after a close friend, describes Bjork's home country of Iceland and compares it to her mental state. i find it very nice to create songs about our culture and celebrate it in a unique and captivating manner.

2. akira yamaoka: letters - from the lost days (silent hill 3 original soundtracks, 2003)

SILENT HILL3 (Original Soundtrack) on Spotify

if there is one song that screams, "THIS SONG IS SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL I'M CRYING", it's this song. this song was produced by akira yamaoka (he's a total god of modern-industrial rock~!) and featured vocals from mary elizabeth mcglynn (the same voice actress of major motoko kusanagi from ghost in the hill: stand alone complex). 

hands down, this is my favourite song for healing myself from a mental breakdown. the bridge of this song is super alluring!

the game’s protagonist (heather) writes a letter as a child for her future self about how she need to keep her hopes up, foreshadowing her dark past. what's pretty hilarious about this song is that despite the positive lyrics, the music is quite somber. 

that's all for now! here are the links for both songs:

1. Björk: Joga

2. Akira Yamaoka: Letters - from the Lost Days (Silent Hill 3)

plz comment below on your favourite songs/albums! 

xoxoxo, robin (罗宾) <3 

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