♩є(・◇・。)э Shima Enaga bird

The Shima Enaga Bird

1. The Shima Enaga is a subspecies of the long-tailed bushtit. They are also known as the silver-throated tit or silver-throated dasher.

2. They are tiny birds (at 5-6 inches in length, including their tail at 3-4 inches. Males and females are identical. 

3. A unique trait about the species is that both male and female birds protect the nest.

4. There are several species in Asia, but you can find the all-white variety on Hokkaido island in Japan!

5. The Shima Enaga is insectivorous all year long. They mainly eat arthropods and prefer eggs and astronomical giant moths and butterflies, but sometimes they eat vegetable matter.


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