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After some 10 months I found a precious piece of lost media.

Zibra used to be a band. It's not anymore, however if you have an interest in modular synthesizers, punk electronics, DIY and/or hoarding you might've heard of LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER. He used to be it's frontman. They covered Better of Alone once and HOLY SHIT is it better than te original in some key ways. Anyway the publishers of the original issued a copyright takedown and while I found a Soundcloud repost of it pretty quickly, all that was left after the wholely unique and artistically weird music video was a gif of Sam's head in void. Untill like 18 days ago an angel of a person responded with the information that it's been posted to BiliBili. If you don't know what it is, it's basically chinese youtube, doesn't matter that much. What matters is that it was there, it didn't take long to find it and I re-uploaded it to Odysee so people don't have to figure out chinese or void their data privacy to them, while still keeping away from those copyright holders.
Words Struggle to express how good it is to be able to say that it's back.

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Oh! I remember seeing it on YT, didn't know it was taken down :/
But yeah this cover rocks! It's always fun to listen to something you know, but in a different style

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