y2k / scene kid activitezz

HAI ermm does anyone have any y2k activities to do,, like stuff kids would do back in the dayz bc im SO BORED. i need ideas 🙁

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idk if ur still looking for any ideaz, but herez a list of stuff that i do thatz totally y2k ^_^

1.) paint ur nails !!
2.) exchange playlists/mp3s with a friend
3.) follow makeup tutorialz on YT
5.) try to DIY sum clothez or jewelry
6.) dye ur hair
7.) pierce urself (ONLY IF U KNOW WHAT UR DOING !!)
8.) record urself dancing, doing a try-on haul, singing, or being random :P
9.) watch sum old anime or tv showz from around that time
10.) SKATEBOARD !! but be safe lolz
11.) set different ringtonez for ur frendz & family on ur phone
12.) chat with people on spacehey ^_^
13.) post selfiez
14.) visit old websitez from waaay back in the day (ex.) IMVU, stardoll, everskies, girlsgogames, pocket emo, etc.)
15.) therez also this browser that has REALLLYYY old gamez that were removed from the web that u can still access. itz called numuki browser, nd u can play ANY game from the early 2000s on there, like bratz games, cartoon network nd nickelodeon gamez, barbie, my scene, polly pocket, monster high, etc. !!
16.) go sh0pping !!
17.) watch music videos, or interviews of ur favz on YT
18.) print out photoz, or make drawings to hang on ur wall
19.) organize ur phone, pinterest boards, playlists, make it look suupperrr edgy >.<
20.) sing along to old disney songz or learn the dances to j-pop songz ^_^
21.) learn to code for ur spacehey layout

aaaand thatz all i have for now !!

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OMG TYSM!!!))(?!$!!!

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