Kill All Predators

CW: mention of r4p3 and g0r3


This has happened too many times

I survived but I am dead inside

But I can't cry that's what they like

So I just carry my knife and wait

Never let them see me cry

I'll spit the pain back in their eyes

I'll carve my name out with my knife

They'll never know what it feels likeΒ 

Wound me once, I'll end you twice

You're all b-bark and no b-bite

No sucky? Feel unlucky?

Zandshee pull up in your dream tonight!

Banshee go CHOP and Z go SLICE

Decapitatey! Very nice

If this dude thinks he's suffΠ΅ring then he should see the othΠ΅r guy!

He thought he could deface me just to bust a nut

So I made that motherfucker face me when I spilled his guts

"That's messed up!"

Messed up?

Oh, you wanna see messed up?

Well step up cunt

'Cos we snuffin' alla these heads up

No dress up

Yeah yeah yeah

You know who are

Fuck you all

Would you still feel powerful if I pulled up and slit your throats ya

You know what you are, fucking choke

Will you still feel macho when

I turn your skin into a coat?

Wrap your car around a tree tonight

If I see you on the streets again I'll take your fuckin lifeΒ 

Got no pulse at all, that's just right

If you dare to show your face again

Prepare to pay the price

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