Batman Begins hot take moment

I am of the opinion that the dark knight trilogy fails in its depiction of Batman.

In my opinion, there are a few core characteristics every Batman should have.

  1. He should never kill. Or in the case of Batman Begins, choose to let his villains die. This is different than accidental deaths or ones he's unable to prevent.
  2. He should be compassionate. Not just when it benefits him or when it will help him "get the girl". He cares for his villains at the bare minimum and wants them to get help. In some cases, he has actual friendships and relationships with them. Think Two-Face, Catwoman, Talia al Ghul
Batman Begins seems like it wanted to do some sort of arc where Batman learns to have compassion towards his villains. It even goes as far as having Bruce directly tell the audience that he feels for a lot of small-time/petty criminals because he's been in situations where he had to steal.

But where that thesis falls apart is that he's never shown being compassionate towards almost anyone the whole movie. Not even Alfred or Rachel. And to me, compassion is the core of his character. Bruce becomes Batman so that no one else will be hurt the way he and his parents were.

Batman Begins should be a story where he goes from seeking revenge to seeking justice but that isn't what happens.

Bruce saying he feels for some criminals means nothing when the peak of the action is him choosing to let one of his first villains die. Rachel's message of revenge and justice being different is completely undermined by this too.

I don't even hate the Dark Knight trilogy. I love it. But I think the reason it's memorable is for excellent villains moreso than an excellent Batman. Which is unfortunate seeing as he's the title character and who we spend most of our time with.

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