Silly lil youtube animation by me

I hope this enbeds, it's a little partially animated music video I made for Christmas, it has some of my ocs from the same story, they're all on the southern hemisphere like me, so I made it be ironic with the song that is about a snowy Christmas because over here we're melting from the warmth at the holidays. (Exept Mio and her girlfriend, the ones in kimonos) Narration of the video and its story after the video.

This video depicts the summer vacations of my ocs, in no particular order or timeline.

Orfeo appears first, hes a vampire in the beach waiting for his girlfriend, this scene is based on that one where marceline sticks out her fingers to the sun and they burn. The white things on his legs are sunscreen. 

Next is Kioshi's dad using a fan, and then cuts to Kithrin in a trip at a Colombian beach (her mom's home country) 

After the chorus where they appear singing and it cuts to Miranda, looking through the window and turning back to reading a book (it's very rainy where I live, which is the same town they live in)

Then theres Lucien roasting some marshmallows in a very badly animated fireplace, until Kioshi (his boyfriend) arrives and eats it. 

Chorus, then cut to Miranda greeting Orfeo.

Cruz that got kicked out of his house and gets scared by lightning. 

Mio (Kioshi's sister) and her currently unnamed gf also getting scared of fireworks on a new years event in Japan and then sleeping. 

Kioshi also sleeping.

Miranda and Orfeo sharing their goodbyes whith the sun setting (yeah I didn't choose the colors so good on this one)

Cruz at Orfeo's bell camera thingy (it's supposed to be a fish's eye kind of camera but I forgot to add effects to carry that across) waiting shyly sillyly for his family to let them in.

End yippee 

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