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my figure collection!

i have so many figures, and i have never taken the time to like actually account for all of them :U

i have a lot of pre orders out too, so i feel like i should probably do that.... i'm also broke!!! so i need to stop spending and maybe this will put it in to perspective for me~ anyways... ehem..

so clearly, i have a fuck load of naruto... specifically sasuke my beloved.... i don't think i'll ever have the energy to go in and count and organize all of this, so a visual count is as good as it's going to get 3: i want to buy a cuter, nicer shelf for them.

i also have a little sakura over here <3 i love her, and if you don't choke please <3 say you hate women and go <3 (i also sold that baji hehe so this is an older pic)


okaaaaay! now let's see what else -

ah yes!!
my beloved kos-mos, and a glimpse of vincent valentine LOL i love these sm... i won them on ebay auctions!.

you can also see a tiny fraction of my rui kamishiro stuff, and i don't have any pictures on my d.gray-man stuff.. i'll have to change that.

i have such a small image of my vocaloid stuff! i have one miku figure the rest are my roomies :3 i have all the len though!! hooray! 

- i recently bought my len doll a new outfit :3 i'll have to post pics ~

and last but not least (because i'm tired of inserting these iamges rn) my ONLY miku!! i love her... she's my pride and joy!! you can also see my chuuya and dazai <3

<3333 i love them all!

AND NOW.... on to the preorders... (i excluded some figures in those picture so very quick not pictured: power, denji nendoroid / allen, kanda, lavi nendoroid / sakura nendoroid... and i'm literally forgetting some oops uh) 

 preorders!! --- 

 nendoroids: klonoa, aki, mafuyu, uenoyama, mob, reigen 

 scales: aki, both nana scales <33, itachi banpresto

 on the way: len and luka project diva figure

i'll update this as needed, bye!

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Whee this is so cool! I wanna post my game/Console collection at some point ^^

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it doesnt have every figure ever but its sooo fun to catalogue everything... AND theres lottsa customization!!!

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i have that!!!! but i'm so bad at uploading to it omg ~ it is really good though!! :3

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AWESOME!!!!! I literally ordered my first figurine like these last month lol… I don’t have a collection at all

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that's awesome!! what was it? it's never too late to start :3 but it's also okay to only have a few!

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the one i ordered is dimitri from fire emblem three houses :DDD excited to get him hehe

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omg that's so cool!!!!!

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THANK UUUU <33333 :3

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