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The thing in my basement started moving

For some context, I recently posted a blog about my so-called "bathroom ghost" and my run-in with it. This entry revolves around what I think is the same entity, however, it's begun moving and speaking more frequently.

While doing some cleanup downstairs I heard the pipe hissing again, but I ignored it considering that it was fairly normal. I heard some mumbled words every now and then, but after spending days hearing whatever or whoever it was I got used to it so I paid it no mind. See, this isn't the thing that bothered me. What scared me most was when I heard the hissing coming from right beside me instead of the bathroom. I was startled to say the least and I ended up dropping the broom I was using. I cringed at the sound of its contact with the floor as it echoed around the room. Our basement is large and empty so echosing is normal, but this seemed to go on for just a moment longer than it should have. I bent down to pick up the broom but it slid across the floor until it came to a full stop in front of the bathroom door. I heard the hissing for a second in my right ear and whipped around, only to find nothing. Just the usual empty basement. I turned back and faced the bathroom. The broom still sat just outside of it but there was no way in hell I was going near that thing. It was stupid, but I took my shot at communicating with the thing. "Could I have that back?" I asked it in a gentle but stern manner. I didn't want to piss it off but I didn't want to upset it either. "..Please?" I tried again. the broom began sliding backwards into the bathroom before it took a complete u-turn and flung in my direction. It skidded and stopped a few feet behind me. I turned to face it and heard the voice from right behind me. "take" is all I could manage to hear from its broken English. "Yep, thanks!" I grabbed the broom and hauled ass up the stairs.

From what I can understand, whatever this thing is doesn't mean me much harm. For now anyways, and i'd like to keep it that way. I think ist started moving around the basement. Sometimes I hear the hissing outside my bedroom door or through the floorboards. Even if it means no harm I still pray that it doesn't find its way into my room. whatever, or whoever, it is- I don't want to mess with it.

Ill update if anything else happens, seeya!

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