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Get to know me ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

Get to know me from a-z 

(im sorry the title sounds so cringe, im aware)

A. age: 17
B. bravest thing that you did: choose to go to a different school where i knew no one to follow my passion for video and photo editing
C. childhood dream: become an interior designer or video editor
D. dislikes: anti-feminists and close-minded people 
E. eye color: blue
F. fear: hospitals
G. genres: music-wise i like grunge, emo, goth, metal and nu-metal, trap metal, shoegaze. cinematically speaking, i love horror, psychologic stuff, sci-fi, comedies and dramas i guess
H. hardest pill to swallow: death
I. ice cream: raspberry
J. job: not at the moment
K. kids or not?: bro i dont know
L. least favorite souvenir: my first heartbreak
M. mythical creature: siren
N. nickname: dee
O. one thing that makes you smile: plushies, especially if they're sanrio
P. pets or plants: both. i mean i do have a lot of plants by my windows, but i also really like animals, especially cats
Q. quote you live by: "control how you respond to things sent to destroy your peace"
R. relationship status: taken
S. siblings: 4, im the oldest 
T.  tattoos?: getting a safety pin one soon
U. unpopular opinion: milk is fucking disgusting
V. vacation: id like to explore france, italy and greece
W. worst trait: too sensitive
X. xmas presents: a poetry book and self care stuff
Y. youtubers you like: stevie t, emergency intercom, enya umanzor, drew philips. i also like to watch videos about murderers, music artists' lores and fashion

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