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My Thoughts on "Cringe Culture"

     I don't like it. I really don't, and you probably already know why. 

     When you really think about it, most people who have interests that seem to be "cringeworthy" to others are not hurting anyone when they say or express how much they like this particular thing. It just comes from the fact that the people who call it cringe actually like it in a way and are too afraid to actually come out and say it. 

     However, the only reason I could possibly find why I heavily dislike this type of culture is mostly because people - especially children - are forced to limit their personal expression and creativity for fear of being included in a cringe compilation. Cringe culture is not only harmful to the person being bullied, but also the viewers of the "cringe" content. 

     I myself am a believer in free speech and expression, among other things related to the 1st amendment rights, I understand that exists. But using it as an excuse to bully others is kinda not cool in the slightest. 


     Everyone has not just  right but a privilege to do what they please as long as they're not harming anyone. Now, attacking people over harmless fun is the real cringe.

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agreed, ppl are so concerned with appearance or how ppl will view them that they forget to have fun and do what they love :)

Rly sad, but unfortunately is how it is rn

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Real, yo.

I'm just sitting here thinking that if they don't like it, they can just ignore it.

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This was solely written because my brother has a habit of using this word to describe things he doesn't like that have absolutely nothing to do with him. He misuses it all the time and it pisses me off to no degree...

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