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My Fursona ^^

This is Roadkill (aka Roadie)Β (click the link to see them)Β and he's my fursona that I commisioned my best friend Firemax/DragontronΒ to draw for me ^^

She's closing her commissions soon but please check her out, I would appreciate it and I know she would appreciate it too <3

Skye <3

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He's super cool looking! If I get a free sec, I'd love to doodle somethin of him (if your okay with it). ^_^

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Omg plz do! I'd absolutely love that!

by Doctor-Frankenstein's_Roadkill; ; Report

Fox!! :3

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He looks striking! :O
I could send mine if you wanted. :3

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I'd love to see it, i love seeing all the different types of sonas ppl come up with ^^

by Doctor-Frankenstein's_Roadkill; ; Report