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home construction/renovation shows!

ive been very into house construction renovation tv series recently and these are the ones i watched!

i watched the entirety of tiny home nation thats available on netflix and its just, SOOO GOOOD

i always found tiny homes incredibly interesting, and every damn episode they manage to create a super cool different contraption, even for problems they already solved before they make something so different to solve the same thing

and everything about the show and people's homes and reactions make it so real

the only bad thing about this show is that theres no more episodes on netflix 😭😭😭

...unlike dream home makeover i'm 99% convinced its all fake, people there have too much of the perfect american dream home completely tidy up and no real issues or mess or personality at all. the people in the show r like caricatures of real people (specially the old lady), its just, wow i felt like watching a simulation, 2/10 i dont recommend unless you just want to watch what people think america is like (ive never even been to america and i can say something is weird oansdasdsad)

and now im watching #stayhere thats a designer and a marketing guy going to airbnbs and renovating them, teaching the owners a bit about marketing and hotel stuff and its very interesting. the transformations are satisfying and once again, everyone seems real, their houses r messy like real people, they r a bit weird one way or another. im convinced its all real.

i just wished they could comment about if their situation got better after the renovations, cause some cases people had like 0 people staying over before and it just makes me so curious oandoandasd but it makes sense they dont show that, they can only renovate the place and teach you stuff, if you fail it's your fault and they dont want to risk having to show that and have people think they didnt do enough

does anyone else knows any other shows like this?

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