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Today so far - Friday, the third of February '23

Ughhh, I have soooo much work to do for school. But guess what? It's almost 6 pm and I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING YET!!!!

I really have to get my priorities straight and my time management in check. I finished brunch a bit after 11 am today and decided to get down to business. All I've done so far was to reply to all of the WhatsApp spam messages sent by my colleagues regarding our projects for the many different courses I have this semester ;-;;;;;;; Is2g, it felt as if I were a call centre agent due to the huge influx of msgs I received (I'm still getting new ones as we speak, btw ;-;; no wonder call centre agents always look so tired and drained ;-;;). I have now stopped replying to everyone bc I got a headache. ㅠㅠ

To "cure" said headache, I am currently drinking Nestlé Chuckie Chocolate Milk :P (not sponsored, btw). I really love Chuckie. It reminds me of when I was little. Plus, the taste is just perfect! :) I feel like the chocolate milk - or "milkshake", as my friends and I used to call it :) my BFFs and I used to drink this "milkshake" all the time back in school :3 - by Lacnor has a flavour that's a bit too strong compared to that of Chuckie. I find Chuckie's flavour to be just right for my taste buds :3

In other news, I have also finished changing the layout code for my SpaceHey profile and can confidently say that I am way happier with my current layout! :) It's exactly what I wanted! I even added new music uwu 

Anyway, I think I should log out of here for now. I have to actually sit down and get my stuff done so I can have enough time to relax at the end of this weekend and begin the upcoming week without any problems/backlogs. I really need to up my game in school. I just finished taking my first quizzes for a few courses last week and they were all really average marks for my level. I need to get full marks now. Why? BECAUSE I JUST KNOWWWW I CAN DO BETTER ㅠㅠ 

(And also because the bright green, 10/10 icon that shows up on Blackboard every time you ace a quiz looks very appealing ㅋㅋㅋ)

Hmm, I guess that's all for now. I'll update u guys l8r uwu

Smell ya later,

Jaina <3


Note: This entry has been edited for grammar on January of 2024

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