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when people say “indie” music

i absolutely despise when people say they like indie music, because saying that is too vague... indie music isn’t a genre, indie music can be any genre it just matters who’s publishing it, essentially. and when people say their fashion style is indie (or really any type of music.. i guess with emo or goth it works, though) because… like. with goth or emo it makes sense, the music is often sad and gloomy and stuff so they’ll dress like how the music sounds, like dark colours and stuff…but indie is too vague! people have to stop mixing together music genres, the , i guess the popularity? of the music, and fashion styles. it’s really not all that important but it just kind of makes me mad. and people who say they dress “alt” and love “alt” music, but then get freaked out when they see a tradgoth or something xD..  i guess people can have fun, true, but it’s also just a bit annoying and confusing for other people who hear them say these things.

and also that brings me into the whole indie kid thing… why are people who have “indie fashion” (that hurt to type… XD) dress up in bright colours, like they look like little kids?! most of the more well known indie bands or artists don’t really have that style.. i’d think like, the typical indie music “style” people like would be like, vampire weekend, to a certain extent animal collective, sufjan stevens and some of jack staubers songs, and i’m thinking that if those bands were to have an image to them they wouldn’t be all bright and stuff.. they’d be more muted colours. but that’s just me.. i just kinda think there’s a huge disconnect between the “indie kid” style people like, that’s like bright colours and flowers and smileys and kids stuff, and the indie music those people like. but whatever. it’s not that important…LOL! just kinda annoying. i don’t want ppl getting mad at me for this.. lulz

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yeah i agree i feel like indie is a pretty vague term, like i know the genre of some "indie" music that a lot of ppl i know like are in the house genre and etc. the "indie" sort of fashion tho i feel like is a weird mix of like decora but more soft and not as extreme, but people tend to label things like that really fast before anyone can think of a good name for it nowadays so honestly theres not much stopping that but, yeah i agree honestly it is somewhat annoying sometimes.

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