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Video Game Music

Video game music is great, 

Nintendo music is excellent, Undertale OST is superb, I'm literally in love with BOTW's soundtrack, VIDEO GAME MUSIC IS AWESOME! 

Anyways, is there a point to this blog? Well, noo, but... I can talk about video game music at least! I have many favorites, like the castle theme from Super Mario World, or Kass' theme from BOTW, or Nami.WAV from Scratchin' Melodii, Anarchy Rainbow from Splatoon 3, Floral Fury from Cuphead, ETC! 

People should normalize listening to video game OST's and stuff, so what if I listen to "It's Showtime!" For hours on end? IT'S A GOOD SONG OKAY.

Anyways, I want people to tell me their favorite video game songs too, because it's honestly always good songs. :3

Lil edit: I was finally able to figure out putting music in my profile! Thank you, internet dad 😌anyways, it's a bop, yes it's Nintendo music, and the last song always makes me wanna dance (it's "We Love Burning Town" from Shantae and the Pirate's Curse if anyone wants to know!)

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yo not gon' lie, song #7 of blue archive goes so damn hard

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(Such a late reply my bad) but it does it's such a bop ngl

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Literally! I love videogame soundtracks, my favs gotta be from the final fantasy games, silent hill, bayonetta and kingdom hearts, its soo nostalgic

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I love kingdom hearts you're so right! The nostalgia it brings always makes me happy

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