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splatoon blog #1

I THINK WE DEFINITELY NEED LOSING ANIMATIONS BACK 4 SPLATOON 3 because watching the other team celebrate is kind of boring :sob: but in the new years animation it featured some animations that look like losing animations so im excited for that if its true!!!! also it wud be cool if we got a new losing theme too, i hope its as good as splatoon 2's losing theme :D speaking of splatoon, i think we're getting monthly splatfests BACK!!! im so happy, because i dont think i could take 3 months gap between splatfests :') most of the splatoon fandom already probably knows this but the new theme is dark choco vs milk choco vs white choco. i want to side with big man to help him win again (i have a huge bias 4 him and frye lolol) but i honestly dont really like white chocolate,,,, but at least i can join milk chocolate to help frye!!! definitely not dark choco tho because its way too bitter sometimes. im pretty sure its coming on the 11th of this month (february) or somewhere around there so im so EXCITED!!!! even though i'll be at hs for most of the day during it T_T still im cheering u on milk chocolate!!! and im so excited for the splatfest art, i hope they get freed from their white background splatfest art but i really dont mind as long as i get a new pfp out of it XDD

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OMG losing animations would be so awesome tbh even cooler if we could unlock new ones through the catalogue !!! also for splatfest i have to go dark since all my friends are (were always on the same team so its more fun ^__^) but if i had to actually CHOOSE then id go milk chocolate tbh !!!! i cant wait for the splatfest art ehehe i hope theres a chocolate fountain in it i think thatd be sooo silly

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OOH YEAH i just finished the second round of the catalog so im SUPER excited for the next catalog and new animations!! also good luck on team dark chocolate!!!! :D

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