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Introducing myself!

I have a short intro in the about me section on my profile, but I'll go a bit more in-depth here if anyone wants to know a bit more about me! **This is a living document and is subject to change and will likely look like a draft for the entirety of its existence**


My name is Robin, I'm 21, and I use he/they pronouns, it/its if we're friends :) 

I speak Russian and English. Eventually I want to learn Ukrainian, Polish, and German.

I'm bad at responding to DMs

I'm very nerdy but in like an accountant way -- I get really into statistics, systems, and logistics! I love thinking about systems and why and how things work the way they do.

On three spectrums: ace-spec, aro-spec, autistic haha


I'm in my third year of college at CU Boulder. I'm in my second year in the ENVD program, and I'll be graduating in two years with a degree in Sustainable Planning and Urban Design and a minor in sociology! I'm really into cities (as you can probably tell) and I love thinking about the ways the way we build our cities shapes the ways in which we build society, and how urban form affects human behavior. I think sustainability and ecological resilience are really important, and I think cities and transit are very important sectors in reducing human effect on climate. I'm also really into trains and want to see significant high speed rail expansion in America within my lifetime. I also love macro-scale sociology, which is why I picked the field for my minor. My sociological fields of interest are sex and gender, climate change, and the genre of horror!


I love lore please lore dump on me! I want to know I want to know everything about weird niche topics that will never apply to my life!!! I will listen to you talk about League lore at me for hours I have done it before I will do it again!! DM me with fun little facts I want to know it all!!

I really like the Magnus Archives! If you can't tell by now, my favorite entity is the EYE.

I think wizards are awesome! I love them in books, movies, video games, art, real life, etc. My enjoyment of a series or a movie goes way up if there is at least one wizard in it. All my DND characters are wizards. My favorite type of wizard is the classic fantasy wizard who lives in a tower, looks out of telescopes at night, wears robes and a funny pointy hat with a star on it, and has a nutty professor vibe. My second favorite wizard typology is Gandalf: the high fantasy wizards who do cool magic and go on adventures. 

My top 3 favorite wizards:

  1. Rincewind (from the Discworld Series)
  2. Gandalf (from The Lord of the Rings)
  3. Dumbledore (specifically book one Dumbledore who wears purple heels and gives weird speeches, Rowling the TERF Queen can fuck right off this is not an endorsement)

Other things I like: 

  • Vampires, vampire media, campy queer vampire horror movies
  • Old things (antiques/secondhand furniture and decor, metal with a patina on it, tarnished photographs, things that show their history)
  • The horror genre
  • Moonlighter
  • Minecraft


if you're transphobic, homophobic, racist, sexist, any flavor of bigot, really

if you post primarily NSFW content (nothing against it, I'm just ace so I don't really want to interact with that kind of content)

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