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Introducing myself!


My name is Robin Ilya in flux at the moment, I'm 22, and I use he/they pronouns (it/its if we're friends) :) 

I speak Russian and English. I'm learning Ukrainian. Interested in learning Polish, Mandarin Chinese, Turkish, and French. Reach out if you want a penpal in Russian or Ukrainian. :)

I have autism that primarily manifests in social situations which -- unfortunately for me -- includes DMs/not-in-person communication; ergo, I'm very, very bad at responding to DMs and also talk like this all the time.

I go to college for a major in urban planning and a minor in sociology. I have one more year before graduation (unless I fuck up and add another year... again...).

I belong to the goth and punk subcultures and I desperately wish my state had a larger goth scene!


I think wizards are awesome! I love them in books, movies, video games, art, real life, etc. My enjoyment of a series or a movie goes way up if there is at least one wizard in it. All my DND characters are wizards. My favorite type of wizard is the classic fantasy wizard who lives in a tower, looks out of telescopes at night, wears robes and a funny pointy hat with a star on it, and has a nutty professor vibe. My second favorite wizard typology is Gandalf.

My top 3 favorite wizards:

  1. Rincewind (from the Discworld Series)
  2. Gandalf (from The Lord of the Rings)
  3. creepy girl from Dune (can the Bene Gesserit be counted as wizards?)

I'm currently crocheting obsessively. Like, every spare moment of the day obsessively. It's gotten to the point where I dream about crochet. Because fiber arts make you insane, I am drafting some designs for a DIY spinning wheel because I want to spin yarn from my scraps. I am fairly certain I will be growing my own flax to weave linen within the next five years.

Other things I like: 

  • Vampires and campy queer horror movies
  • Old things
  • Horror/thrillers/suspense/weird psychological books/movies/media


if you're transphobic, homophobic, racist, sexist, any flavor of bigot, really

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