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Useful stuff from around the web

Hello, I thought I'd share some cool stuff I've found and use often

Password Managers:

Please use don't use the same password for anything, anywhere on the internet, Use a password manager to generate random passwords for any services your use.

  • Bitwarden - this is the password manager I use. It is capable of storing 2-factor codes as well making your login process pretty much seamless
  • keepass - tried and true open source password vault.


The only VPN I recommend using that's free is ProtonVPN. Paid tier includes DNS level adblocking similar to pi-hole.
ProtonVPN Link

General Use Firefox Extensions:

Hacking and OSINT Tools:

Firefox Extentions:
  • Wappalyzer - Get information about the webpage you're viewing and what technology is powering it
  • Hack Tools - Very useful extension with a lot of options. Includes a lot of known vulns and injection attacks,

OSINT Tools:
  • Shodan - Find exposed systems, IoT devices, and much more, extensive python API, regular life-time membership sales.
  • Sherlock - python3 tool used for scraping usernames from a constantly growing list of websites. Often produces false-positives for some sites it scrapes but still useful
  • OSINT Framework - enormous list of resources separated in a flow with many categories. Great for finding public records.


Spotify Alternative : Nuclear

You can grab it from their releases page for whatever operating system you're using. It's very straightforward i don't feel I need to give any instructions

Screenshot of Nuclear

ani-cli : An interactive script for searching anime on your command-line. Has options for searching dubs, and subs. Has options to download entire series.

Selecting this if you have vlc or mpv installed should automatically launch the episode, consult their documentation if you're confused.

TV & Movies(and more):
  • mov-cli - inspired by ani-cli but for TV movies and more indecent things. Follow their instructions to get it installed, Very useful because you don't have to run multiple adblockers like you do with most of the websites out there.

I'll add more to this throughout the week. Be safe be aware.

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I would add hacktricks.xyz, opensecuritytraining2, and nightmare binexp repo

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I'll look into those tomorrow. Sorry was a little inactive getting ready for surgery

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I'll probably start writing some guides for stuff soon too. Right now I'm getting back up to date on C/C++ since i'm about to be able to see again.

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This is a nice resource, thanks for sharing!

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Trying to decide if i should just keep updating this one or make new ones on specific topics. Thank you for reading.

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