The first

Hello y’all!

 Guess we all have to start some where! I have a small blog i already do on my website but for reviews and recipes! 

But i am so happy to be able to start a blog on here to share with everyone!

A quick introduction My name is Shirley, Im 32 years and living in a crack between New Hampshire and Vermont

I have lots of fun medical problems that keeps me home all day but not to worry i keep myself busy with my animals, and little home craft business I started.

Art is my life and in my blood so my disability in someway has become a blessing for me to do what I love. 

i can do pretty much anything but stained glass pieces have become my favorite and dont think ill be stopping anytime soon.

My big goal in life is to make lots of money to :

one buy my mom the Porsche she always said she didnt get cause she had me so i can shut her up. (But really cause she deserves it she’s the best momma ever)

And my biggest thing is to help others be able to live the life they deserve. 

Becoming disabled definitely was an eye opener

If you like to know anything feel free to ask!

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