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Can someone explain what is paganism/pagan?

I wanna learn abt pagan! They sound pretty interesting ^_^ any pagans who can explain what it means? Tysm <3.

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Paganism can be the practice of witchcraft, but it can also be a religion. There are many different forms of Paganism! I'm a Wiccan Pagan and believe in stuff like the greek gods, and only follow two rules (1. Be kind 2. If you take from nature, make sure to give back (like if you pick flowers, give something back to nature like bread or something)) Paganism has a lot to do with nature. Some also believe in reincarnation, and there not being the existence of hell. It's more like a time out where you think about your decisions before being reincarnated and being given another chance. I can add more if you'd like :D

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Oooh, this is interesting! Is there more about pagan?? ( I’m interested in pagan!! :D, )

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Some other beliefs are that crystals can help with things such as love, luck, and safety (that doesn't mean having (an example) amethyst will give you all the luck in the world, it just enhances it kinda). Same with spells, which can be made with different herbs and crystals, and sealed with different colors of wax. We also believe in stuff like demons, and banish them by burning sage. Familiars (pets) can help with safety. They can help spot things that you can't, and you have a special bond with your familiar, they're like your best friend in a way. Another belief is that sometimes, certain deities can try and reach out to you and sometimes have you worship them specifically. Again, all Paganism beliefs are different, I'm just going off of the beliefs me and my Pagan friends have. There's more but honestly because there's so many different things I might add more later-

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Oh this is actually interesting, I think I’m a pagan ( the same beliefs as yours ) ^_^ actually thank you so much for telling me about this!!!! < 3

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You're welcome, it makes me really happy to see people interested in Paganism, and I enjoyed getting to explain it!

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I’m glad this made you happy!! :D it also made me happy ^_^

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