Teenage boys are getting worse (They're evolving)

These teenagers (mostly boys) really don't have a filter. They are so used to saying whatever bs they want on the internet with rarely having any consequences so they take that to the real world. They are loud and they blatantly disrespect teachers and women. I prefer the Tumblr side of The Walking Dead fandom because every other side is full of teenage boys calling themselves sigmas and making fun of cosplayers, alternative folks, and neurodivergent ppl. And there is also another type of teenage boys which are basically wannabe cowboys, they wear a bass pro shop hat and boots but they will never be cowboys. As someone who grew up around cowboys, going to rodeos, my parents being pro-ropers and my grandparents owning farms, they are missing one thing that all cowboys have: respect. 

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The underclassmen of my school are comprised mostly of those cowboy types you mentioned. It's uh, something to behold...

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yeah it fucking sucks truthfully. as a senior in Highschool it's shocking how immature these guys can be. it's shocking how far they've made it in life with the maturity and life skills of a 7th grader. god they are annoying

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Its so crazy to think that maybe one day, they are going to be members of society, and actually do something good for the world when they are such assholes now

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