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I'll tell you something about overthinking girls. You know, the girls, men will always say "Omgggg she keeps asking do I love herrr" about.

Specifically, ones in a relationship. Girls tend to be deep in their thoughts, every day. When they realize that their lover changes one little thing about himself, they get curious. Eventually, that curiosity results to negativity. If their lover doesn't react soon, it could lead to loss of love. Many guys get confused about this part. If their lover used to always talk to them, but brings up something and talks less, girls will start wondering if they're good enough, or if they did something wrong. That's why reassurance is key. If he keeps having his girl rant and ramble to him and question him, and he doesn't give her the same energy of replies, she'll start to overthink if he loves her or if he cares. He can say she's pretty a million times. The second he brings up another girl, it doesn't matter if he proved to her that he's loyal, she will start comparing and overthinking. I wish guys could actually get into their heads and start opening their eyes when IT HURTS US IF YOU TALK TO US ABOUT OTHER WOMEN. It does. Especially if you compare us. No, it doesn't have to be negative. If they talk about a woman with a light and soft feminine voice to their lover with a deep, masculine voice, THAT HURTS. If they mention a girl at work having large boobs that men were drooling over for to their lover who has a flat chest, THAT HURTS. I don't care if he says that he wasn't looking and that he was thinking of his partner. No. Men never think about what they say. So we get distant and depressed and they're stuck asking "What's wrong?" that's the thing. MEN NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY DO WRONG. EVER. But it's not just their fault. Girls are responsible for telling them what they did wrong so they know what to do. That's what they don't do. You can't expect him to do better if you don't tell him what's wrong. That's the main cause of me breaking up with my ex. Always reassure, always. Always make time for her. I don't care what you're doing. It's sad how girls can be in the middle of doing literally anything and text their lover, but men will wait until when they're 100% free to do so. It doesn't make any sense. If she sees a small change, she will overthink. That's why men have to explain their situations a lot more and stop bottling up and hiding certain things to "protect us". WE'VE BEEN THROUGH THE SAME HELL. Get over it, and express yourself. I told my lover; "Whatever you've been through, I've been through worse." We're women. We're cursed. We experience.Β We don't hesitate to overshare, so why would you??!!!

What I'm saying is, I can be a better boyfriend than him, girl. Give me a chance. β˜ΉοΈŽβ™‘οΈŽ

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