Beach on new years

something i wrote in extention english and wanted to share with the world <33

12:00 AM in the morning on January first, on the beach. It’s windy, not too cold, relatively warm, even, but of course, because you’re in Queensland. There’s a bonfire off in the distance, blaring music coming from somewhere, the drunk shouts of glee and celebration and the soft pop of a firework going off in the distance above the city that you can feel, but not quite. Glow Sticks move in the distance, attached to many people, party animals staying out all night and into the day, being free, free of all responsibility, if only for one night. The sand is cold and stiff near the water, making it easier to run and harder between your feet. The wind, fairly mild but enough to toss your hair around, picks it up and plays with it as you run. Above in the distance is the bonfire, illuminating a dugout pit in the sand, a beacon of light and friendliness, allowing anyone and everyone to gather together. The bonfire is the only source of light in the early hours of the morning. It's dark, but the dark is calming. You’re alone, but not lonely. You’re minuscule, but not insignificant. The sea is a beast, but you aren’t afraid. Time seems to stand still and you just soak it all in, every aspect of the beach. The smell of the salt carries on the wind from the waves, which are crashing and tumbling into each other, like a pack of dogs on the scent of a leg of meat. And you’re happy. Your phone is dead, and no pictures or videos can be taken to document the experience but you don’t need to have those. All you need are the memories. The memories that will stay with you as you move forward into the new year.

thankyou for reading and hopefully i'll see you in the next entry <33

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