ranting abt how rodents are mistreated bc why not

alr imma be honest, something that irks me is when ppl think rodents are "disgusting" because of some shitty stereotypes from the past. i mean obviously there IS rodents that have diseases n shit, but not all of them. especially rats :(( those bbys deserve the world. yet they're constantly frowned upon all because of WILD rats that live in places like the sewer :/

not only that, but people just see small animals in general as idfk. bait or some shit?? it's honestly so depressing. when i got my hamster, my mom wouldn't go 10 ft near him bc of her fear. obv im not gonna judge someone for having a fear of rodents, but her reasoning was because he was "dirty". i literally groom him everyday on top of him grooming himself. rodents are typically super clean animals that take care of themselves 24/7. if they're dirty, more than likely that's due to you not taking care of them and their shit infested cage. 

moral of the story, rodents deserve so much better cmon. these are living animals as well. dogs, cats and humans aren't the only ones who have feelings.

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I agree, same thing with pigeons :[
They're only unsafe to be around if they bite you, but the same counts for all wild animals

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