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Dark Pictures Anthology: Season 2 Updates - PT.2

We have received information on the upcoming games for Season 2 of the Dark Pictures Anthology game series, and I think you might want to hear it.

For those who don't follow along with this game series, for better or for worse, I'll give some background information on the series itself. The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of intense, branching cinematic horror games featuring two multiplayer modes. Each story is standalone and can be played independently, but with friends makes the story even more fun, frightening, or both. The series is planned to consist of eight games, of which four have been released. The Devil in Me is the finale of the first "season" of the anthology, with the upcoming Directive 8020 set to be the season two premiere. Gameplay is an option-based horror adventure, which you get to choose from. Each choice you pick may affect you well or poorly.

Now back to the update.

This is continuing off of another blog entry, check that one out before you read this one!

season 2 CRAVEN MAN

The next photo here is for The Craven Man, which has this sort of Celtic font. At first glance, it's a basic logo. We have the unforgettable skull of the series, we have a title, etcetera. However, just like Directive 8020 and many games before it, we have a letter exchange. It first seems to be a person with pointy arms and long, stocky legs. However, it's something far and vastly different from that. After research, I concluded the "man" to actually be a wicker man. A wicker man is, according to Wikipedia, a large wicker statue in which the druids (priests of Celtic paganism) sacrificed humans and animals by burning. I'll insert a photo below.Wicker Man @ Dundrennan Abbey | Лэнд-арт Once you see it, it's hard to unsee. I can definitely assume upcoming teasers will include how The Craven Man will be about Scottish folk horror stories, and I can't say I'm not excited. It seems like DPA is trying to expand its fanbase. First sci-fi, now folk horror? What comes next? Keep reading, and maybe we can find out.

This is my third blog on the Dark Pictures Anthology games, should I continue this Diving Deep into DPA series? And what other games would you like for me to Deep Dive on?

This is maaurn, signing off.

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