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Dark Pictures Anthology: Season 2 Updates

In recent news, we have information on the upcoming games for Season 2 of the Dark Pictures Anthology game series, and I think you might want to hear it.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll give a bit of background info. The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of intense, branching cinematic horror games featuring two multiplayer modes. Each story is standalone and can be played independently, but with friends makes the story even more fun, frightening, or both. The series is planned to consist of eight games, of which four have been released. The Devil in Me is the finale of the first "season" of the anthology, with the upcoming Directive 8020 set to be the season two premiere. Gameplay is an option-based horror adventure, which you get to choose from. Each choice you pick may affect you well or poorly.

Anyways, back to the update.

Pictures that have been released a year from today (February 1st, 2022) have been floating around, showing us the logos for the upcoming games, and I haven't heard much from them. Since there are five expected games with the new logo leaks, this blog will have five separate parts. I'll link the others below once finished. But we want to hurry up and see this logo, so let's talk.

First Dark Pictures Anthology Season 2 Game Revealed

This first image isn't a surprise. Directive 8020 was leaked in the latest game, Devil in Me, released in 2022, and had fans eager. Check out my other blog on this, linked in the comments. The logo has snippets of what we saw in the leak. The font is definitely similar to the text in the teaser. However, 8020 has replaced "0" with the moon. Or maybe, Tau Ceti f? After looking at pictures of Tau Ceti f, it's obvious the planet does NOT have craters, so I've ruled out that idea. But I realized something I don't think I had read about before. So I'm not much of a space, planet, etc. person. This was the first time I'd ever searched for a planet that wasn't Earth. After some reading, mainly on Wikipedia pages, I noticed that Tau Ceti f was a planet that had considerable amounts of habitability hints. This suggests alien life forms coming into the Dark Pictures Anthology series, which will certainly expand the DPA fanbase. I wonder what sci-fi treats Directive 8020 will bring us?

This is my second blog on the Dark Pictures Anthology games, should I continue this Diving Deep into DPA series? And what other games would you like for me to Deep Dive on?

This is maaurn, signing off.

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