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Sick Professor, Phone Shopping

Ambie: our english professor caught COVID!! ;-; we are real worried about him since he's like 79 so he's in the high risk age group!

Cadence: Wish for his well-being if you please. He's a very nice man.

Timbre: plus we have a fucking essay due to him in 2 days and not having him around to help with that is lame as hell and makes shit a lot harder on us. ambie was trying to message our family about it only for us to discover the messenger app signal has stopped sms support randomly (for what i like to assume is no fucking reason) and that obviously sucks balls for us because i made it out primary sms app for the past fucking year.

Cadence: We've thus had to abrubtly migrate to a new messenging app. While I'm sure absolutely nobody reading (assuming anybody other than us ever reads these) is interested, I will mention this next sentence for the sake of the wonderful segue that I keep receiving thoughts indicating Timbre is cooking up.

Timbre: ok fuck you for that one. actual dick move

Cadence: Anyways, we downloaded the SMS app that we have migrated to from a rather esoterically famous app directory called F-Droid. F-Droid is known for carrying only free and open source applications for Android, and is quite well known for being the primary app store used in...

Timbre: that was such a fucking award place to transition to me talking

Cadence: Finish the sentence or I'll tell ambie to do it for you.

Timbre: haha anyway yeah it's the main app "store" used for most non-google android roms, notably the one i am planning to install on the new phone im currently shopping for. yeah fine ambie you can have a line sorry

Ambie: hehehe <w< timbre is looking into getting a Google pixel 5 or 6 cuz he wants to put grapheneOS on it! that's the rom he was talkin about, which is famously very easy to put on a pixel! i really wish it looked nicer though... ;w;

Cadence: We've done a bit of research, but we cannot seem to find any modern operating system that doesn't have a contemporary minimal GUI design. I actually personally don't mind it at all, but Ambie and especially Timbre are especially into retro aesthetics and want to find something that looks more like Android KitKat.

Timbre: if anybody knows something i dont about how to do that please drop me a fuckin line

Ambie: our phone gotta look swage!!!! owo

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