Pachira Aquatica Plant (Money Tree)

Hey guys,

I went to the Nursery and there I saw so many plants and thought it was a good idea to get a couple. So far I have 4 and I am hoping to get more plants. As of right now I decided to keep my Money Tree plant in my room and made sure I moved my humidifier next to it because the plant loves humid. I have had my plant for a month now and I am very proud of it due to the growths-pert of the tree. It is said that indoor Money Trees can grow up to 6ft. As I set back to admire my Money Tree I wrote a little something about it, I hope y'all like it: 

I named my Money Tree, Kendrick Lamar. When I first laid my eyes on it, I couldn't stop hearing the wise words from the famous rapper Kendrick Lamar, "money trees is the perfect place for shade". Now it is obvious that the Money Tree is not actual money, but the beauty of it shows its value. Every leaf is a dollar in my eyes and as I see growth I think of the additional dollar that my money tree gains. If fallen, a dollar has been lost, but because of the trees saving skills I see increasing amount of dollars. Soon my money tree will be big and there I will sit under it and say "money trees is the perfect place for shade". 

I love being a plant mom because the plants expresses the balance of life and death. No matter how many dead leaves I see I always see a new bud making its way through them. I can relate to plants emotionally so many ways and that it why it is important for me to take care of them. 

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