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(Album Review) Hawaii Part II - Miracle Musical "throws everything at the wall yet fails every throw"

Hawaii Part II - Miracle Musical 
"Throws everything at the wall yet fails every throw" 

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It was an exhausting album experience that spit in my face and squandered so much potential for good songs. to the point where I  only enjoy 2 songs off this album. The intro really is amazing but immediately gets squandered by Isle Unto Thyself Just the most random mish mash of whatever tally man could butt dial into this song. It just seems this album makes the worst choices that do not enhance that album at all. And it seems it can't settle on one idea and flip flops to the point where I cannot take it seriously.   

Almost every track has a immersion ruining choice that completely takes me out of the song. Like the worst song of the album The Mind Electric which has the weirdest reversed vocals that aren't clever in the slightest and stick for MORE THAN HALF OF A 6 MIN SONG. it just plain sucks. My two favorites Labyrinth and Stranded Lullaby Show the real issues with the album.

The Labyrinth shows the one time the infinite monkeys typed Shakespeare. after all the random mashups 8-bit and rap mixed. It shows the real potential and even more anger I have towards this album and Stranded Lullaby, It's just a track with Just Joe Hawly's amazing vocals without being drowned out by some techno garbage. Even in Dream Sweet in Sea Major it's still spoiled by weird 8-bit drums and weird synths.

 I really wanted to like this album truthfully. I thought it was gonna match the likes of other "art kid indie" albums like Pop food - Jack Stauber or Plastic Beach - Gorillaz. But it really disappointed me with it's lack of direction and felt like it throws everything at the wall yet missies every throw.

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