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bro its 2:30am

So i did NOT edit anything, but did game and stream and got a new follower! and my friend gave his twitch sub which i appreciateĀ 

I'll edit tomorrow i swearrrr its just after work is gym then im either sleepy or gaming but i will, i want to be semi consistent w streaming again and start being consisten w tiktok cus im never consistent w yt hahaha

me and some of my friends from work are supposed to go clubbing friday, im looking forward to it but theyre all lowkey flakes and are the type to on the day (like around lunchtime friday) be like "ah i cant be bothered mayb another time" which sucks when youve been looking forward to it and dont really have other friends

speaking of friends, it sometimes makes me sad i dont have a best friend. Im not complaining ik many people dont even have what i have but i dont have a best friend, no one whos known me for years no one who i "go way back with" no one i have any school or college memories with no best friends. Everyone i talk to/work with will sometimes have a great convo other times it'll be dry as shit. Everyone from work barely replies to me they just heart the message and move on like okay my bad for spending the time to text u if im annoying u i'll fuck off id rather talk to no one and listen to music than spend time with someone for them to want me to leave

idk man i like my friends but they feel like "friend group 2" and when u only have like 1 friend group and they dont feel like ur main friends (or u dont feel like they treat u as a friend friend) then where does that leave u ?

Every friend it goes the same: i talk - they dry reply - i talk some more they reply to like one thing with one word and heart the rest of the message and i get frustrated and stop texting them, then in a month realize i havent heard from them in a while (because God forbid they make an effort to text me šŸ˜±šŸ˜±) and text them, only for the same cycle to repeat.

These people drain my fucking energy bro but if i dont engage w them i'll have no one so what do i do. Where do i find people who im in sync with );

Theres really only like 3 people who it doesnt feel like this with and theyre not around.

anyways its 2:30am so im gonna sleep and be up in 5 hours byebye stay safe stay hydrated ur awesome all 1 of u who are reading this (;

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hello??? im ur friend

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im baqsically ur biggest fan too

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