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Memories lost in USBs

I first got a computer back in the early 2000s, it was a handout from my mother's friend. It was one of those thicc ones and I loved playing flipper, minesweeper and painting with the mouse on it. When I reached my teenage years, I started writing about my school life on Microsoft Word to keep track of my thoughts and memories. I had various notes, as well as one of my first stories. I thought I lost all of these until I found a random usb in a pile of several usbs thrown in a drawer, and I got all of my memories back. 

Reading those reminded me of how crazy my teen years were, as well as lonely and troubled. I found bad memories in those files my brain made me forget years ago. Writing here reminds me a bit of the endless hours I spent writing down my thoughts on Word with colorful letters. Its one of the main reasons I'm here, aside of the y2k nostalgia. It takes me back to that time of simply writing down my thoughts, which is far from what social media are today. I really appreciate social media but I do find them overestimating and desperate to have your attention, being here is like a breath of fresh air. 

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