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So i have this minecraft world right with my friend (its called "the j" by his request lel) and recently ive been getting a bunch or riches for us and i just found out he stole like 25 of my gold and 2 of my furnaces. BUT THATS OKAY. He has also embarked on a journey and literaly hasnt come back in like 10 minecraft nights and hes literally in the nether which means i cant sleep because he cant place beds down or they will explode (even tho he brought one anyways for what reason? idk dont ask). I also have no idea what type of journey hes going on but i think hes looking for the bone blocks he found along the way to get soul sand because i couldnt find any way back when we first started this world. He also took a book n quill with him to mark down coords and his lil notes lol. When he comes back ill maybe write down some of the things he said in the book and show them to whoever is reading this lol. Anyways if anyone ever wants to play mc hmu my user is Munchkincraft (lolz dont mind the name i made it when i was 9 XD) im online anytime after 3:30 on weekdays!! i usually play on pc but recently ive had to switch to nintendo because my pc is getting upgraded


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