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rant on the current state of American politics and trans people

A quick rant about the attacks on transgender people in the U.S.:

I saw a clip on the news of someone in the South Dakota capitol say that "suicide rates of trans people don't improve when they transition". Not only is this flat out false, I always hear this said with the tone of *I know I'm part of the problem, I just don't care*.

Every single Republican who says "trans teens transitioning doesn't help suicide rates" like they aren't part of the fucking problem: eat your own shit and die. We wouldn't feel the need to kill ourselves if it weren't for you trying to ban our existence.

You should come out and say it: you want us dead. You're carrying out the first steps of a genocide. And you don't give a shit at all. If anything, you like watching us burn.

The best day of my life will be spent watching you receive everything you wish upon us. Fuck all of you.

And to any of you who say you support trans people, yet you voted these fucks in: you're going to get us killed. You have no right at all to say you don't hate trans people if you vote for these people. You're voting in the politicians that are writing and voting for the legislation that will bar us from existing. You don't "support" us, you're against us.

If you're a queer Republican, you're quite literally killing yourself. Aligning yourself with the people who want to kill you won't spare you from the bullet.

If you're a trans person in a red state, I absolutely feel for you right now. I'm in a similar situation myself, with two anti-trans bills going to the floor tomorrow or Friday. If these pass, which they likely will, I know several people who would be fucked. If they're coming for trans people today, I guarantee they'll be coming after gays as well.

TL;DR: If you support Republicans, you're supporting the death of every trans person in the state you live in.

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