So today I had parent teacher meetings (which my mom always goes to and my dad never goes)when me and my mom got home I went to my room and when I walked pass my dads room he said hi and I kinda just ignored him bc I dont really have a good relationship with my father a while after I went back into my room my dad yelled for me and when I went into his room he started yelling at me because I have cs and ds even though im trying my best its never good enough for him I tell him im doing my best and its never enough nothing I do is ever good enough and I know I just sound like your classic teenager but its way more then that I am polite and I try not to back talk and he treats me like im the worst kid in the whole world he doesnt get out had it is to be a teen girl in this generation I have to also work a lot harder then he did because they teach more difficult things also not to mention he dropped out of high school and I am a smart kid if he actually came to my teacher meetings he would hear all my teacher say only good things about me because im actually a good kid.

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