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Sonic Channel's Request When Sharing Artwork

Spreading this to further get the message from SEGA out there.

When posting Sonic Channel art from now on, please link back to the URL of the Sonic Channel site. If people online keep reposting stuff, they will stop making free content for us.

TL;DR…please credit the artist‼️


Translation from URL:

Thank you for always using Sega's "Sonic Channel" content.

When introducing downloadable content, please refrain from reprinting it on SNS as it is.
When introducing, please specify the URL of the "Sonic Channel" page.
Also, please refrain from reprinting the content and using it for commercial or profit-making purposes.

We are distributing content free of charge in order to connect with everyone and liven up "Sonic" together.

If someone reprinted the videos and illustrations we made on their own SNS or media and continued to send them, we would lose the opportunity to connect with everyone. And you won't be able to know the echoes and reactions from everyone.

If that happens, we will have no choice but to make the decision to stop distributing content for free because it is ineffective.

In order to feel a connection with everyone and enjoy “Sonic” together, please introduce “Sonic Channel” when you introduce our content.

We understand that it is because of everyone's love that we are able to introduce our content widely. However, from now on, I would be happy if we, the Sonic Team, would be included in the circle of introductions.

Please, thank you in advance.

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