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Backlog Report #1

Recently Finished

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
It took me about 8 years to finish cause i lost my save file back in the day, really fucking liked it
although i think i like the Turnabout Goodbyes more than Rise from the Ashes, Jake Marshall is still my favorite and Rise from the Ashes was still really good i just find the checking of items felt really janky, still a fun case
GB rating: Cheesy Garlic Bread with some undercooked sections

Still Playing

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
i've taken forever on this game and im still haven't rescued the president

Xenosaga Episode I
i'm afriad my 30 hour save file may have been softlocked which is a shame because i love the combat and the story

Phantom Brave
bought it around a year ago but started it a few days ago, and for now: yep its disgaea but with no grid

Road to Perfection

P-RANK'ed all the regular levels on standard and all of act I on violent but i still haven't P-RANK'ed Minos Prime on either difficulty

still waiting for the 4th dungeon to unlock

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