I’m having a hard time with relationships…

I’m single and I don't wanna be, I just want someone who can have a healthier relationship with me. I have a hard time knowing and meeting people cause I don't know how to socialize, I only prefer meeting through friends. I am pretty shy and insecure about myself but a little bit. Idk I wish I could have someone thats like me or have a same situation. Where I live its hard for me to find anyone through dating apps, and reality. I had some but there not pretty healthy or we chose to be friends instead. I want someone in my age, same personality, and someone who I can have a healthy relationship with. Also another thing I have autism but its not a big problem that I have, dating someone with autism can be very nice sometimes cause we can be relatable with stuff, and someone without autism should be respectful and supportive of their autistic partners and stuff. I wish in this year I’ll find someone to have a relationship with. Also I’ll improve myself to make things better. If I find someone in this site or other social medias that’ll be cool with me just as long if distance relationships works and I want someone who’s 18-22 years old. Sometimes it’s awkward but can be cute sometimes lmao.

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