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[Journaling](Day 12) I know neither where I am nor where I am not.

This has been... A Wednesday, for lack of better words.

Got up at 7, as always, breakfast, bus, yaddi yadda, usual.

Got to class 10 mins early, so I took some time to drop my stuff at my table and take another "bathroom break". Y'know.
Anyways, we started off with Computer Architecture, which was really interesting. We worked on circuitry and balances. Really fun stuff. I've always loved circuits and logic gates. I made a whole 4-bit 8-Segment display in Redstone once. Was really fun, and I should recommend such media to make funnier practicals in this class.
After a small break I spent fighting with someone on Twitter (you know who you are), physics classes started. This one leaves me lost. I got nothing on it. I hate it a bit, but the teacher's nice, so I pretend to care.

Then came the lunch break. Went out and grabbed myself a couple sandwiches, including a new "chicken and cheese" one I tried that had to be one of the worst sandwiches I've ever eaten. Arthur Dent would have been turning in his grave. Got back to the campus, and found out MY couch space was taken, so it was pretty shitty. I ended up in my classroom, in a corner, sitting on a bean bag, watching videos on Youtube. PRODUCTIVITY! I'm an expert at it. I even got distracted in the middle of the last sentence. I'm so good at this.
I tried and did get some progress on my practical, did some, errrr... Let's say, whimsical stuff to fix some issues I had, but it works. Good enough for me!

Soon in the afternoon, at 1400, we started the programming lesson, on split constructors, was it? I cannot say I was focused; I got distracted by 5D Chess. I also bought Hi-Fi Rush then, more on that later.
Then we got Maths, and we worked on Taylor expansions. They are very interesting and powerful, but boy are they cumbersome to math out. Didn't stop me, and it was kinda interesting.
At the end of the ckass, I had another bathroom break, and I (accidentally?) got deeper than I ever did. It wasn't that painful. Good to know.

I wanted to beeline straight home then, but I stopped by at a shop that's absolutely not on the way to buy a handful more razors and a new vial of nail paint, I was out. Then, after going around here and there, took a stop at the local pharmacy but they had no bandages like I was looking for, so I just went back home.
This time in a bus.
And not walking all the way there.
Like an idiot.

I got home eventually, and I started playing HiFi Rush. And holy hell is it good. I suck at timing my hits, but I'll get there. I am having an absolute blast. Played for 2 hours, then I started to get moving, slowly. Took a shower, had a complete and total breakdown, got out of the shower, chilled around, downloaded some books, and ate a nice meal.

It is now almost midnight and I'll go get some sleep that I need.

This day brought me new nail paint, and a newfound capacity to slice.

It is tired and well-fed that I end this post. 

Tomorrow will be painfully long.

I miss my cat.

Good night, then. Only 2 more days before the weekend.

Cover me with snow
Freeze me to death
Forever I'll lay in the alpine bed
Seasons will change
But I shall remain
Stripped bare of my coat
I will rest in peace - Avalanche, Cellar Darling.

Laporte, signing off. Sweet dreams.

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