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i haven’t dropped by in a while and that kinda sucks, but i wanna just see if anyone relates to me real quick. 

had to kick out a toxic roommate bc they were threatening suicide and i guess that wasn’t the best course of action but they went right back to mama (they were at mine to get away from their mom btw????) and i’m just pissed. i don’t want anything to do with them but i keep getting roped into their stupid drama and toxic behaviour and i’m fed up bro. sucks. 

finally got them out of my hair the other day tho and they didn’t even realise i blocked them LOLLL 

hopefully i don’t see them anytime soon, fingers crossed 🤞 

hopefully this isn’t an original experience lol, id love to traumabond w people over this kinda stuff, it’s comforting <3


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