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Nostalgia for the past… and excitement for something new!

It’s nice to have an active retro site like this. It’s common opinion that the predominant online culture and etiquette on places like twitter, YouTube, and all of the largest media platforms have only continued to spiral downwards in quality over the years. “Echo chambers,” “self-obsessed,” “toxic,” “formulated,” “corporate…” all descriptors I see frequently thrown around. 

I’d like to use this site to connect with people in a more casual, down to earth way. I’m planning to publish my artwork and interact with other artists. Using it as a personal journal is exciting too. One thing I miss the most about the old net is how personal it felt; you might write a blog post about the games you played during the week, things you did in your city, etc. Without fishing for likes or publicity. [Talking just to talk.]

If any friends see these postings, feel welcome to respond! Anything you feel like saying is always welcomed on my page. 

Looking forward to where this goes!


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i agree the modern mainstream internet leaves much to be desired. i'm also hopeful that this site will be a positive place to connect and express ourselves away from the bullshit. excited to see your art and future posts :~)

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