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The 420 Report: Member Berry

February's strain is one I've had before, but I mixed it with another one so I never addressed it by itself. This month I'll be smoking Member Berry.

It's a hybrid, my favorite type to smoke. A cross between Skunkberry and Mandarin Sunset, it's got  medium sized green buds. The smell is skunky, I get notes of cat-food, not my favorite thing to smoke. I don't get berry really at all, but that could be because I'm still numb from the dentist, my nose is fuzzy now too. :)

Loaded some into glass for a nice clean hit. Wow, lotta coughing. Also could be the numb face lol. Good flavor but again I get no berry, just generic weed taste. But it do come on strong! Oh my! :D

Yeahhhhh......  X)

That'll do, pig, that'll do. XD Well I guess that remark let's ya know something about it's effects!  XD  Yeah, I like this strain. Not as tasty as last month's Lime Gelato but nice and strong, and Leafly says it's a long lasting high as well! Noice!

We'll see about that. (If I ever actually pause between bowls that is)

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