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The Death of Panic! At the Disco

Hopefully, you weren't sad about this, because if you were OH BOY am I sorry (not really) to disappoint!

IT'S FINALLY OVER!!!! Brendon has been beating a dead horse for far too fucking long- holy shit. Who let him keep going???? That dude manipulated and stole work from so many people, it's almost unreal. To go out on such a dogshit album WHICH INCLUDED DISS TRACKS OF THE PEOPLE HE STOLE HIS MANY HITS FROM is probably better than his music career deserved.

I could really go on a full rant here, but I think maybe we'll leave it there lol. Anyway, it'd be pretty funny if Ryan and Jon just restarted Panic! without Brendon, but it's probably best for it to just be DONE.

Former members Ryan, Jon, and Dallon are all still making music. Ryan continues to dabble in various genres, Jon's stuff is very much along the lines of Pretty. Odd. and Take a Vacation (from his and Ryan's band, The Young Veins), and Dallon is working with Ryan Seamen (former Falling in Reverse drummer) in a really cool alternative duo called I Don't Know How But They Found Me. I feel like if we're friends on here you have similar music tastes and already know about all these bands/music- but in case you don't it's definitely nice to know these guys are still doing what they love!

For Ryan Ross- his shit is kind of hard to find. It's mostly all live recordings on youtube since he doesn't put anything on streaming services anymore. Some people have rips of studio versions though- so that's cool! I'm really hoping to see some more new music from him now that Brendon is out of the scene.

idkHow has also announced new music coming soon!! It will likely contain yet another lovely Brendon diss track, seeing as Dallon was petty enough to go edit all the captions of his Insta posts from his time in Panic! revealing a lot of the shitty treatment he underwent.

Anyways- long live good music, and good riddance.



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preach. brendon urie was and is a fuckin narcissistic asshole and his music was only good when someone else was making it. like, i would be so embarrassed to be him

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SO TRUE. I can't believe it took this long for him to throw in the towel. Dude has been locked in a songwriting battle with 17 yr old ryan ross since he left and has not won a single time. I think he genuinely couldn't get anyone to keep writing his music for him, and now he knows he can't make it on his own bc he simply does not have the skill lol

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