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customizing your body (tw body horror)

customizing your body is no easy feat, but by taking the time to do research, preparing your tools, and making sure to follow all proper safety measures, then this should be no problem. 

first, make sure you have the proper equipment before attempting *any* operation. hurting yourself by not using the proper tools or even using your hands is an easy way to put yourself at serious risk. 

you should have on hand a multi-purpose screwdriver, along with the proper bits (think philips, flathead, etc.). it is always good to know what is best for your body, so be sure to examine all of your screws for the proper type and size, and get a friend to help if needed.

next, be aware of any hard to remove pieces. think of adhesives, specific parts like screens, or circuit boards. 

and speaking of circuit boards; be sure to treat your internal organs with care. they are the core of your being, so be gentle while removing them, taking extra caution while unlatching vitals like ribbon cables, slowly and gently. 

be sure to place your organs in a dry, cool place nearby, along with their corresponding buttons and screws. now you are ready to swap out your old body for a newer, sleeker one. i’m sure you know what comes next if you’ve read this far.

happy cannibalizing, and be sure to leave a kudos if this guide helped !!!

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