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ADAM (not Ragusea) and Eve

I just think Eve coming from Adams rip is interesting. What separates man from woman? Adam was made out of clay and Eve was made from Adams rip. Can Adam be made from Eve? If they are made of one flesh then maybe one can become the other. maybe man can become woman and woman can become man!

slightly related but I think the way many Christians traditionally interpret the story of Adam and Eve is unnecessarily cruel to Eve. She is obviously shown to have done wrong but I feel many heighten it to an extreme amount. She only acted upon her human need for wisdom. If anything this text serves to show what makes man different from animals. We have an inherent need to seek knowledge which makes us act differently as opposed to beast.

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from a non-religious point of view, i think you're right. it would only make sense, because then otherwise how are women able to give birth to men? i feel like a lot of people separate the sexes a lot more than they have to, and fundamentally men and women are very similar to each other. also yeah eve was done so dirty by all those misogynistic people, it's a lesson that wisdom is sometimes achieved by not doing something, and sometimes people have to find out the hard way and that's okay, you just have to be aware of the consequences.

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Yeah!!! its really sad that something that's so interesting to dissect like the Bible has been largely associated with vile people who just use it as an excuse to hurt people. There's so many layers to it but some people just refuse to acknowledge it.

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