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Lesbianism and the media

As your local lesbian I wanna talk about lesbianism and the media. Almost every lesbian or queer show i've watched on Netflix gets canceled every time! I loved this show called "Generation" on HBO max but not only is it canceled but it's removed from the platform?!?!? like what the heck? I wanna see more lesbian or queer representation with out it getting canceled or removed from platforms. Let's all talk about how First Kill with TWO lesbian main characters got canceled and they were only on the first season!! Hello!?!? Okay yeah first kill wasn't the best but I and a lot of people actually enjoyed the show! Lesbians and vampires?? A lesbian vampire? YES YES YES. I wanted to see more to this show but of course Netflix wasn't too happy about it. Let's also talk about how some lesbian rep is literal ASS! If there is a lesbian couple either they are both white and fem or one is black and one is white (which I have no problem with but there should be more diversity) Can we see two masc lesbians? or a masc lesbian and a femme lesbian? Black and asian duo? black and black couple? hispanic? Can we see more diversity in these castings? Pleaseeee? Lets also talk about the word LESBIAN. It's a dirty word, I should be able to look up the word "Lesbian" without porn popping up on my screen. I hear a lot of people saying "I don't like the word Lesbian because it's icky." The only reason why you find it icky is because of things you've probably seen in the media or from your community. Lesbian is not a dirty word! I used to hate the the word "Lesbian" because I was told it wasn't a "Good word to use." But look at me now! I love being a lesbian and I love the word and I hope others who still sees the word a disgusting will change their mind.

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