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My Current Favorite Songs

I’m thinking about music. I really like music! Here’s a list of my current favorite songs, I’ll try to keep it one per artist. Maybe I’ll do this yearly and see how much it changes!

Eighth Wonder - Lemon Demon

This was the first Lemon Demon song I ever listened to and has remained my favorite since that day. It has everything I love: rockin guitar, cool synth sounds, and a silly, talking, supernatural mongoose mystery. I listen to this song almost daily (and have been for about the past three years).

Islands - Oingo Boingo

Maybe a solemn-sounding song, but completely made up for in the badass instrumentals. Probably not the best example of Steve Bartek’s legendary guitar work (compared to other songs like Fool’s Paradise and No Spill Blood), but still incredibly rockin, this song makes me feel badass. Oingo Boingo never disappoints.

Crosseyed and Painless - Talking Heads

Debated between this one, Pull up the Roots, and Making Flippy Floppy, all incredible songs. But I wanted to talk about this one because it’s very guitar heavy and harder rock than the usual for Talking Heads (can you tell I really love electric guitar yet?). Very interesting and very good. Very interesting lyrics too. The rap part is pretty funny to me, David Byrne rapping is a funny thing to think about.

Jerkin’ Back N’ Forth - Devo

Definitely one of the more well-known songs by Devo, but no less good. I really like the synth bass.  Not much to say about it honestly, just a groovy song, it makes me feel like jerkin’ back n’ forth.

Mr. Roboto - Styx

Coolest sci-fi song ever. The synths fit perfectly. DeYoung’s voice is incredible, his range is astounding. Hooked on it since the first listen. Also, the lyrics really are true, maybe not to that sci-fi extent, but the modern world’s rather pathetic reliance on technology is definitely something to be aware of.

Peek-a-Boo - Siouxsie and the Banshees

A spooky song with an important message, and topped off with a good groovy tune. This song also makes me feel badass. Old song, as are most of these, but the criticism on women’s portrayal in media still goes strong today, and I’m glad it was written. The creepiness of the song blends oddly well with this message.

Vampire Ska - Horny Toad

Just a silly little ska song about a vampire-esque girl. I like ska and I like old vampire garb. Good key changes.

(Take These) Chains - Judas Priest

A great hard rock song. I guess that’s about it though, the lyrics are emotional but cover a common theme, so not much to say there. I just really like the guitar.

The Cat With 2 Heads! - The Aquabats!

Another silly sci-fi song. So the Aquabats did have a show? They looked very familiar, I thought I was confusing them with LazyTown or something. Maybe I was, but still I’m sure I’d heard of them as a child. Anyway, good song, cats are cool, two-headed cats are even cooler. I like the energy in this song.

She Blinded Me With Science - Thomas Dolby

And yet another silly sci-fi song. Sort of like if Talking Heads was British and sci-fi. I really like sci-fi. 

The Volcano Song - Logan Whitehurst and the Jr. Science Club

A science song that’s actually about real science and not sci-fi. Wow! This song sounds exactly like something you’d hear in school as a small child learning about volcanos. Actually educational. Still really good. I like the keyboard, and Logan’s silly vocals tie it all together. I love silly little geek rock songs like this. I think I’ll show it to my little brother.

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Neil Wizard

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LOVE THIS LIST!! Don't mind if I ramble about some of the ones I know and love...

"Eight Wonder" is of course a classic, I had a short era of obsession with the song a couple years ago. My only grievance with the version on the album is that the unused outro from the 2009 version is SO DAMN GOOD and it makes me sad it didn't make it into the album, when it could have fit. It might have ruined the smooth flow(heh) of the calm swirly outro from this slow-ish song into the quiet intro of "Ancient Aliens", but I think it would have been just fine left in. But the song as it is is still darn good!

"Crosseyed and Painless" is a song I very much enjoy, but it falls into the category of songs that I can't make much commentary on besides "It sounds so good :-)". Most of their repetitive 6min+ songs fall into that trap, and it makes them no less enjoyable, I just can't say much about them because they are basically "zone-out" music for me. Talking Heads is a whole lotta dance music that you can't properly dance to. And I love it.

I could sing my praises for hours and not really articulate anything meaningful about DEVO, but know this: Everything* DEVO has done has irrevocably conjoined with my soul, and "Jerkin' Back n' Forth" is no exception! Despite its minimal popularity, I find it no less phenomenal then the rest, and it has never lost it's luster from being overplayed, unlike one certain DEVO song..

When it comes to many artists most popular song, I find it's easy to get annoyed with it, usually because of it's overplayed-ness(*unfortunately, "Whip It" has fallen into that trap for me.). But with "She Blinded Me With Science", even though it's pretty much the ONLY thing Thomas Dolby is known for it has (thus far) never made me the least bit annoyed or groan when it comes on. Something about the whole song, the multiple catchy synth bits, the three unique voices singing and yelling "She blinded ME! With science!", and the overall alluring subject matter(at least for me, a science nerd), but it has remained fresh and exciting on every listen! Seriously one of my favourite songs as well.

Anyway my incoherent rambling thoughts on your here blog-log 8-)

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GOD I wrote way too much. SORRY!! Conciseness is not in my life toolkit..8-I

by Neil Wizard; ; Report

i agree with all of this!! (although i do still enjoy listening to Whip It from time to time) especially the 2009 outro of eighth wonder. so silly and fun! maybe it wouldn't have made for a smooth transition in the album, but i think putting the 2016 outro after it could have worked around it. i'm also sad it was cut, but nonetheless the song itself is still the main thing i enjoy and i'm glad it's on the album regardless!

i definitely need to check out more artists and more music in general, i tend to fixate very strongly on a select few artists at a time and listen to little of anything else. luckily i rarely get annoyed with popular or overplayed songs as long as i like the artist, but i do wish i could get into more of their music too!

and yeah, i used to be able to say a lot more about my music taste, now it's mostly just "eh, it just sounds good so i like it." no less good though, i think all these artists are super talented and creative!

by Leslie; ; Report