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(Album review) Lil yachty - Let's Start Here "This is the rap guy?"

Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here 


"This is the rap guy?" 

album cover

To say this album has been rather viral as of recently it seemed like an album I had to see. Rapper named lil Yachty made a psychedelic rock album? And it blew his other albums out of the water rating wise? This is something i really had to see myself. 

from Yachty's work from 6 years ago to now It has been Rap/Trap music. I can say his single Broccoli meant a lot to me as a kid from when I'd Listen to it. so from all of that you can tell people had preconceived notions about what his normal albums would sound like album cover D.R.A.M.-Broccoli 2016

Once I had that first listen. It was really something. The cover is really something diffrent. Some sort of Ai distorted photo of politicians er just people in suits I guess. It was really something strange to say the least.  

The Intro Track was maybe the best choice for this album with an amazing intro that immediately throws you into the flowing engulfing nostalgic sound. I appreciate what He's done with layers of filters and effects over his voice that enhanced the sound rather than hold it back with his honest to g limited abilities. It enhances the psychedelic sound with echoey auto tune. and creates some powerful grand moments. the general pace of this album is rather slow. It's really chill and lets emotions settle. It feels like lost vintage summer. youthful full of passion and just feels like that time. Like i can hear the Heatwaves in the sound. all of the tracks lead into each other which makes it feel like one movie of sorts or makes songs feel far more significant with a seamless transition into another track.

This album is not scared to completely stop the flow of a track for experimental interludes of a sort. Or be experimental. Ex:IVE OFFICIALLY LOST LOST ViSiON, This track begins with a parody of 50s shopping mall music into a glitchy techno gore transition into the song. with a very dissonant outro with what sounds like someone running. It's Beautiful truthfully. sorry for lack of a better term. the production likes to switch around in time era. like the more techno sound of the later 70s or the Punchy snare of the 80s. like in paint THE sky where it sounds like a retread of a weekend song in the best way possible. 

Overall this really is an amazing album. the overall sound really isn't nothing new but for lil boat fully submersing himself in the aesthetic this seems far more fleshed out than other musicians attempts of switching genres.*cough cough* MGK. Amazing album and actual overall experience. and really made me say. This is the rap guy?   

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